Squash and Fear

I have to share with you, I had butternut squash sitting in my kitchen for literally three months before I could summon up the courage to try peeling one.

Why, I wonder? It’s not a grenade; it’s not likely to explode if I cut into it wrong. I just had a picture of myself, sweating […]

Baked chicken thighs!

Happy snow day, everyone! Have you been wondering if we’d EVER cook any meat here at Man, I have. Finally finished the video of the baked chicken thighs, and here it is!

Why would you bake plain chicken thighs? Because chicken thighs are very cheap and very flavorful and they’ll be good even if […]

Potato Soup!

OK, so I want to move on from eggs to potatoes for a little bit now.

There are a ton of things you can do with potatoes; they’re cheap and most people like them, and they go with all different kinds of food. They’re fairly forgiving and easy to cook, and you can eat them […]

One Fast Egg

I’m almost embarrassed to share this recipe. This is how I used to cook eggs to make a sandwich as a kid. Works great and fast. One tip: scrub the bowl almost immediately, because if the proteins set it’s a bitch to get out.

So if you want an egg to put on a sandwich […]


I promised you a hot dish with the lentils we cooked as well. You could make a double batch of lentils easily, and make salads for a couple of meals and this dish for a hot meal afterwards.

This is a recipe I got from a friend many years ago in my youth, and it […]


Nothing is too basic to tackle here at Intimidated by lettuce that comes out of the ground, from a farmer’s market, or even from a store but not prewashed or prechopped? We gotcha covered!

I use romaine lettuce almost entirely because it provides some fiber and stands up to any ingredient. As described in […]


Lentils are a great way to get started cooking beans, and beans are a great source of protein, fiber, and carbs that help you have energy and feel full.

Some people feel intimidated by beans, but beans are actually very forgiving. Generally, you soak ’em and you cook ’em. If you do it a little […]


I want to show you some other stuff with eggs, but let’s start with the basic. Omelettes. If you can make an omelette, you can stuff it with tomatoes or ham or chicken, and you’ve got a meal. Or you can even just top it with some yogurt or sour cream – or nothing at […]

(Steamed) Rice!

Is there anything more basic than rice? Most of the world lives on it. I can’t even count the number of ways you can eat rice. I want to show you stir-fried rice, Greek lemon soup, muhadara (which is rice and lentils, cheap and a complete protein), and of course a million other dishes that […]

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