Tools: the oven

I’ve caused occasional bemusement with my lackadaisical attitude toward oven temperatures. You probably have a mother, grandmother, or aunt who has given you the same hand wave when you ask about the temperature at which to bake their Whateveritis, and perhaps you want to strangle them when they do it.

“Just tell me the temperature!” […]


So I’ve been eating the food I show here at, and personally I’ve been getting a little tired of bland food. Are you?

Recipes and TV shows sometimes make it seem as though good flavor comes from complex additions to food – yuzu juice, sherry vinegar, saffron, or Szechuan peppercorns. In fact, most home […]

Tools: Rice Steamer

So some of the discussion in comments is about tools to improve your ability to cook rice.

Once we’re done with beans and some basic chicken, I’m going to provide you with a sample menu and the costs, so you can see how many things you can make, and how cheaply, based on very basic […]