Thoughts on food being “forgiving”

Often when I talk about cooking this or that I’ll mention that it’s “forgiving”. As in, it doesn’t much matter how long you bake your potatoes; they’re forgiving. What do I mean?

Some things are NOT forgiving. Omelettes aren’t particularly forgiving. You can do them wrong and still eat them – but they’ll be a […]

Thoughts on cooking and fat

I subscribed to a number of fat activist blogs recently – and unsubscribed just a couple of days later.

I think it’s fairly clear from looking at the videos that I am fat. I’m VERY fat. I’m a size 22. I’m pretty proud of that, since I used to be a lot fatter.

But I […]


I sometimes think that some part of our brain must be hardwired to prefer sameness in our food. Variation, after all, could indicate badness: the fruit that tastes very differently from the way we’ve eaten it before could be moldy or unripe, for instance.

But highly processed – and therefore expensive – food makes us […]

We can do better

And in the We Can Do Better category:

Our local food pantry distributed food despite a fire that inhibited its operation. This is an admirable, necessary thing, not just for Thanksgiving Weekend, but every day of the year.

Take a look at the picture and see what they’re distributing. Pre-mixed Kool-Aid drink boxes.

Now, for […]