Wrap the Meat

Soon we will celebrate the first days of spring, and in spring a young girl’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of … meat.

Well, meat’s an appropriate topic all year round, actually.

We’ve been buying spiral hams at Costco – they last us for weeks with all kinds of meals: ham and eggs, ham sandwiches, […]

Bulk Spices!

For various reasons of the plot we spent several hours driving home through New Jersey today, and we stopped at a large flea market. There were no fleas but the highest-turnover store appeared to be primarily produce and imported goods like spices.

Putting what I’ve said before about spices to good use, I spent quite […]

Buying lots of things to cook one

Have you ever been at the grocery store and been seduced by a great deal on, say, a fresh August tomato? And then have you decided you just had to go and get some fresh mozzarella and some fresh basil and a new vinaigrette dressing to go with it?

Well, if you haven’t, then you’re […]

Storing food well = cooking cheap

Why do I rattle on about storage the way I do? Is it because secretly I’m a survivalist waiting for armageddon to get out my stash of machine guns and rampage through downtown New York saving my friends?

No, though that would make a cool movie.

The reason is because stored food = money saved. […]

I’m sorry I was awaaaayyyyy…

So I shot all this footage of cooking potatoes, and then I was overwhelmed by putting it all together and just stopped. This is a very bad plan, because then I didn’t have stuff to post.

I apologize, CookCheap readers.

I intend to spend some time catching up, but here’s where I am with my […]

Cooking without electricity

Here in the greater New York area we had quite the spring storm yesterday – winds gusting up to 50+ miles per hour, and tons of rain. Of course we had a power outage, the way you do.

I was pretty pleased with my ability to find the candles and flashlights and a lighter (the […]

Storage: Cheese!

Cheese is a food that most people love (unless you’re lactose-intolerant and it doesn’t love you!), and it’s worth buying in bulk to get it cheaper. Problem is, if you live alone or cook for one or two, how do you use up that much cheese before it gets moldy?

Well, one thing to know […]


So I’ve been eating the food I show here at, and personally I’ve been getting a little tired of bland food. Are you?

Recipes and TV shows sometimes make it seem as though good flavor comes from complex additions to food – yuzu juice, sherry vinegar, saffron, or Szechuan peppercorns. In fact, most home […]

Lentil salad! AND: Storage: Vegetables

So a great green salad that makes a delicious lunch or dinner can easily be built if you store some basic vegetables on hand.

I try to always have carrots, celery, and onions on hand. Along with milk, rice, and beans, plus some condiments like ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise, plus of course salt and pepper, […]

Storage: Eggs

If you need a cheap protein source you can’t store chicken or beef without a refrigerator – but you can store eggs.

If you’ve never traveled outside the United States you might not realize that in other countries eggs are stored at room temperature. Ever see a painting of a farm in the 19th century […]