Eggs as fast food

If you’ve never seen the Hepburn/Tracy movie “Woman of the Year”, I recommend it. I love it because Hepburn and Tracy are awesome in it, and the script is great, not because it’s a reassuring portrait of either femininity or feminism. As a historical document it’s fascinating.

If I’m not mistaken there’s a scene […]

One Fast Egg

I’m almost embarrassed to share this recipe. This is how I used to cook eggs to make a sandwich as a kid. Works great and fast. One tip: scrub the bowl almost immediately, because if the proteins set it’s a bitch to get out.

So if you want an egg to put on a sandwich […]

Lentil salad! AND: Storage: Vegetables

So a great green salad that makes a delicious lunch or dinner can easily be built if you store some basic vegetables on hand.

I try to always have carrots, celery, and onions on hand. Along with milk, rice, and beans, plus some condiments like ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise, plus of course salt and pepper, […]

Hard-boiled eggs! (Bonus: deviled eggs!)

This one is so easy I’m not going to even make a video. I looked up videos for this on YouTube and the ones I saw seemed to be making it harder than it really is – perhaps to justify needing a video! I swear you do not need a video to boil eggs.

I […]

Storage: Eggs

If you need a cheap protein source you can’t store chicken or beef without a refrigerator – but you can store eggs.

If you’ve never traveled outside the United States you might not realize that in other countries eggs are stored at room temperature. Ever see a painting of a farm in the 19th century […]


I want to show you some other stuff with eggs, but let’s start with the basic. Omelettes. If you can make an omelette, you can stuff it with tomatoes or ham or chicken, and you’ve got a meal. Or you can even just top it with some yogurt or sour cream – or nothing at […]