grape tomatoes offered to you

Hey, where are the recipes! That’s why I came!

OK, don’t freak out. We are working on posting a wiki with recipes, which will be more easily searched than just a website.

However, this site is about teaching you to cook, and that’s not recipes. Recipes are how-to instructions for a particular dish. If you know how to cook, you know how to modify a recipe given what you have on hand, or to allow for someone’s specific food requirements. If you know how to cook, you write recipes, you don’t just follow them.

So follow the lessons/blog. Begin anywhere and read/watch what you like. Recipes are included. On the right you can see links to any particular ingredient, if you want some ideas about what to make with that ingredient. But the point is more to learn how to cook so you won’t need any particular recipe. Cooking cheap is about knowing how to cook so that you can cook what you have or what you can afford to get. It isn’t about making a perfect bolognese sauce. (Though I really love bolognese sauce.) It isn’t about making a perfect anything. It’s about getting filling, healthy, satisfying food on the table, for yourself or for your whole family. So learn to cook.