Food safety

Here at we’re always interested in not killing people. You may remember our interest in not killing people from such web pages as our warnings and disclaimers page. But since I started this blog I’ve worried about giving people food advice that won’t kill them. That’s why I look up USDA recommendations if I’m going to tell people that you can store eggs at room temperature (you can) and put the links in the posts, and stuff like that.

But in the interests of greater food safety, I am pursuing certification from the ServSafe ™ food safety training program. This certification is usually for people who work in kitchens or who serve a lot of people food. The program trains you with some basic info regarding safe food handling, preparation, and storage.

This will make me, at least, feel better about the advice I’m giving you regarding food. You will all make your own decisions about when to throw food out, for instance, but I’d be happier knowing what the industry standard is supposed to be even as I tell you what I do in my own kitchen. And there’s no doubt that making big batches of food and eating it over several days is cheaper than relying on takeout – but not if you give yourself food poisoning and have to go to the hospital on the last day.

So stay tuned for posts informed by a more academic understanding of safe food practices. Even if I don’t get certified (I do intend to!) I will complete the training materials. My brain will probably be spinning with food safety info! Or maybe just spinning. I’m reading the fourth edition textbook and it’s the kind of lists and charts of info that I know is supposed to be really educationally useful but just make me fall asleep. In between sleeping bouts, though, I know I’m learning a lot.

Further developments in not killing people as they develop!

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