Eggs as fast food

scene from Woman of the Year

If you’ve never seen the Hepburn/Tracy movie “Woman of the Year”, I recommend it. I love it because Hepburn and Tracy are awesome in it, and the script is great, not because it’s a reassuring portrait of either femininity or feminism. As a historical document it’s fascinating.

If I’m not mistaken there’s a scene in that movie where Hepburn’s character offers to make her husband something if he’s hungry – a couple of eggs. It’s a great moment and an insight into a time when food still didn’t come in freezer boxes or cans, it came in the form of food. And eggs were the perfect fast food. Cooked in minutes, eggs are an easy to store protein that can be used in tons of ways. In a time before microwaves and freezers, if you were hungry and you only had a couple of minutes, you had eggs.

As I’m constantly trying to eat more vegetables I try to remember this on nights when thawing out a hunk of meat to include with the meal is just too much trouble. If you have any sort of cooked vegetables, the addition of an egg makes it dinner. If you’re stir-frying rice and scallions, the egg makes it a complete meal. If you’re sauteeing a pan of veggies, the egg still makes it a complete meal.

random bowl o' food

I had some swiss chard that needed to get used up tonight, so I tossed it in a pan with half an onion and sauteed it up with some salt and pepper in some oil. When it was relatively cooked, I added eggs – just plopped them down on top of the greens, three in the pan, not mixed or anything, just plop, egg. I then covered the pan to let the steam from the greens and onions cook the top of the egg.

You can see in this photo the delightful fork marks I made as I prodded one of the yolks to make sure it was done. I needed the yolks to be cooked through so I could put some of this bowl o’ food in the fridge to eat for tomorrow’s lunch. You cannot save and eat or reheat partially cooked eggs or meat. If you want to save leftovers, fine – but the protein really has to be cooked. (Less-than-totally-well-done beef can be an exception to this but you have to be quite careful with it – cool thoroughly and as quickly as possible! But egg yolks really can’t. They have to be cooked through.)

I topped this bowl with some grated cheddar cheese and what was left of a chopped tomato. This is going to be my lunch tomorrow. I tried out the new deli near my workplace today. Over $11 for a skimpy salad and a small bowl of black bean soup. I think that would have been about $5 of ingredients tops. The price is certainly an encouragement to keep up with packing my lunch every day!

Movie still photo ruthlessly kyped from Alison Kerr and why do the beauty bloggers have all the great photos of classic women?

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